About us

About us

DH Controls moves towards the world.

DH Controls has made growth focusing on shipyards through continuously developing new technology, has attempted to localize foreign products and has developed its own brands. The company has endlessly made utmost efforts to do R&D.

Quality and environmental goals for 2016

1. Reduce customer complaints through improving quality (reduce customer complaints 105 from the previous year)
2. Increase sales through conducting R&D and expanding the market (increase 50% from the previous year)
3. Achieve zero-hazard through making safety a part of life (achieve 100% zero-hazard)

Quality, environmental policy

  • The best quality spirit

  • The best environment spirit

  • The best service spirit

State of the company

Company name DH Controls Co., Ltd.
CEO Jin Jong-geun
State of the research institute Four university graduates
Foundation day May 15, 2009
Number of employees 20
Paid-in capital 300 million won
Main products Transmitter & Screw Down Actuator
Factory size 2326 M²
Factory size Manufacturing, shipbuilding, equipment, onshore plant